How to book a desk for a guest or visitor

Step 1: Open the Hot Desk app within Slack.

Hot Desk app within Slack

Step 2: Click the dropdown next to the day you want to book.

Hot Desk app with pointer on dropdown next to booking day

Step 3: Click "book for a guest".

Hot Desk app with pointer on button book a guest into the workspace

Step 4: If this is the first guest in your organisation you can enter the name of the guest and click "next".

Guest creation form with the name field completed and the pointer over the next button

Step 5: Select the guest from the dropdown. If the guest isn't in the dropdown click "new guest" and enter their name as described in the previous step.

Guest booking form with guest name selected in dropdown

Step 6 (optional): Select the desk ID the guest will use (if desk IDs are enabled).

Guest booking form with desk ID selected

Step 7: Click the "book" button.

Guest booking form with pointer over book button

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