How to book a meeting room

Step 1: Open the Hot Desk app within Slack.

Image of Hot Desk app within Slack

Step 2 (optional): Select the space you want to book from the dropdown.

Image of Hot Desk app with space selection dropdown visible and 'board room' highlighted

Step 3: Find the day you want to book, if the day is not visible use the "Jump to date" button to view future dates.

Image of Hot Desk app with pointer on button to view a date in the future

Step 4: Click the book button next to the day you're planning to have a meeting.

Image of pointer hovering over book button in Hot Desk app

Step 5: Select the start and end time of your meeting, then click the green "Book" button.

Image of a completed meeting room booking form in Hot Desk app

Done! You can now see your booking in the schedule.

Image of a meeting room schedule with a booking in Hot Desk app

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