How to create your first space

What is a space?

A space is a room, office, meeting area, floor, lab, warehouse, car park, or anywhere with a limited capacity. Hot Desk has three different types of space you can create.

  • Allocated desk space A space where people select the desk they want to be allocated. This space type can also be used for car parks with numbered parking spaces.
  • Meeting space A space to hold meetings available to book for short periods of the day.
  • General space A space to manage offices, floors, car parks, labs, or anywhere else with limited capacity.

Step 1: Open the Hot Desk app in Slack.

Image of the welcome screen in Hot Desk for Slack

Step 2: Choose the type of space you want to create. In this example we will create a general space, to continue click the "Create a general space" button.

Image of the welcome screen with the 'Create a general space' button highlighted in Hot Desk for Slack

Step 3: Enter the name, location, and capacity of the space. The capacity will determine how many people are allowed to be booked in a single day.

Image of create general space form in Hot Desk app

Step 4: Select if you want to allow guests to be booked.

Creating your first general space and selecting guest booking to be disabled

Step 5 (optional): Enter the names of users you want to be able to use the space. If you want everyone to use the space skip this step.

Image of permitted users dropdown in Hot Desk app

Step 6: Click "Create space".

Image of create space button in Hot Desk app

Done! You should see the space you created and can book in. Want to add more spaces? Find out how to sign up to a paid plan.

Image of the welcome screen in Hot Desk app

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