How to book another team member into a workspace

You'll need to be an admin to do this. Find out how to grant admin permissions to a user here.

Step 1: Open the Hot Desk app within Slack.

Image of Hot Desk app within Slack

Step 2: Click the ellipsis next to the day you want to book then click "book for team members".

Image of Hot Desk app with pointer on button to book a desk for other team members

Step 3: Select the team member(s) you want to create a booking for, you can select multiple users, then click the "next" or "book" button. You will see the "next" button if you need to select desk IDs, if not you'll see the "book" button.

Image of admin booking feature with team members selected for booking

Step 4: Select the desk you want each team member to sit at, then click the "book" button. You'll only see this step if your workspace supports desk IDs.

Image of admin booking feature with desks selected for team members

Step 5: The booking is complete, each team member will receive a message from the Hot Desk bot letting them know about the booking.

Image of direct message sent from the Hot Desk bot informing the user of a booking made for them by an admin

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