How to create a reminder for your team to book in

You'll need to be an admin for your Slack team to do this. Find out how here.

Step 1: Select a channel you want to receive a reminder in and open it in Slack. In this example we're going to use the "general" channel.

Image of the general channel in Slack

Step 2: Open the channel details window.

Image of the general channel with the details link selected in Slack

Step 3: Select the integrations tab.

Image of the channel integrations tab in Slack

Step 4: Click the "Add an app" button.

Image of channel integrations tab with the add app button highlighted in Slack

Step 5: Find "Hot Desk" and click the "Add" button.

Image of adding the Hot Desk app as an integration in the general channel in Slack

Step 6: Hot Desk can now send messages to the channel. You should see a message in the channel confirming Hot Desk has been added.

Image of the Hot Desk app added as an integration in the general channel in Slack

Step 7: Open the Hot Desk app in Slack and click "Create a reminder".

Image of create reminder button in Hot Desk app

Step 8: Select the channel you added Hot Desk to, as well as a day and time you want the reminder to be sent. Once complete click "Create reminder". All reminders are sent weekly and automatically adjust for daylight savings time if appropriate to your timezone.

Image of create reminder form completed in Hot Desk app

Done! You will now receive weekly reminders in the channel you selected.

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